Two spindles,
two autonomous chambers

Wenzler VKM 2

True greatness
for structural components
in series lightweight design

Wenzler VKM

High agility and compact design
The one chamber machine

Wenzler VKM


Wenzler VKM – Think bigger for better machining

The consistent design of the Wenzler VKM for structural components offers fundamental advantages. The strengths of the vertical machining center include, among others, optimum automation capacity, free chip fall and high agility.

The Wenzler VKM features special construction characteristics offering decisive advantages in industrial application. A stable, self-supporting and vibration-damping cube forms the machine base. This cube carries the 3-axis unit and offers access to the machining area from two opposite sides. Round axle suspensions and magazines are integrated into the remaining side openings. To increase agility and economic efficiency, the cube has a steel monocoque design and the monocoque is filled with a vibration-reducing and self-hardening special material (Hydropol®).

Technical highlights of the vertical 5-axis machining center:

  • Large travel ranges
  • Tool change via pick-up
  • Lightweight moving masses provide high speeds with steep acceleration ramps
  • Easy accessibility from two sides
  • Manual and automatic loading and unloading
  • Optimum chip flow
  • Minimum quantity lubrication
  • Rotary axes are driven directly


Wenzler VKM – Compact design with one chamber and high agility

The axle confi guration featuring the translational axes in the tool and the rotative axes in the work piece axis allows for the integration of large travel ranges with dimensions of 1500 x 1250 mm on a fl oor area of 4250 x 3300 mm. At the same time, the machining center is well accessible for the machine operator and during loading and unloading. The position of the control cabinet can be freely chosen according to the layout.


Wenzler VKM 2 – Two spindles, two autonomous chambers

The Wenzler VKM 2 consists of two autonomous 5-axis machining centers and integrates two VKM-type machines into one machine base unit. The compact design enables the VKM to duplicate without limiting accessibility.

This design provides you with two 5-axis centers offering optimum loading and unloading processes on a floor area of 7500 x 3300 mm – a substantial advantage for layouts optimized for material flow. Both centers work autonomously, only sharing the control and power units.


Our references as a first impression – our performance for the best impressions

Many renowned car manufacturers and suppliers rely on the exceptional performance figures of Wenzler machining solutions. We have gained a wide range of specific expertise in security and performance issues. This guarantees seamless, trouble-free processes and series production launches.

Benteler Automobiltechnik GmbH, Daimler AG, Martinrea (Germany, Mexico, China), Adam Opel AG, Magna Poland, Volkswagen AG


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