August Wenzler Maschinenbau GmbH has been renowned as an innovative solution provider for series manufacturers for decades. As a medium-sized company, Wenzler has the ability to respond swiftly and flexibly to your individual requirements. The emphasis of our production is on machining of structural components for the automotive industry. As an established supplier for the manufacturing of series light weight and structural components, we are equipped with state-of-the-art 5-axis machining centers.

Focus areas

The in-house production of all components of our machining centers requiring specific know-how is one of the strengths of our company. This enables us to offer you reliable and economically efficient solutions at an above average level of quality.

Innovative thinking is the basis of our work. Wenzler solutions fit in well with Industry 4.0 concepts and Smart Factory environments and offer high transparency with a view to process data and process flows. Maintenance and service processes are also optimized by Wenzler solutions. What is more, the integration of machine and operating data collection interfaces is part of our portfolio. As a reliable partner, we provide you with the entire machining process from planning to implementation.


Accuracy and certification ensure reliable quality management

An optimum quality management is the basis for collaboration with our customers. We are able to offer products and services of a consistent high quality by providing certification and traceability of measures within the scope of the certificate.

In accordance with the standard of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, we meet the highest quality requirements within the scope of sales, design and manufacture of CNC machining systems including automation and related processes.


An authentic history based on performance

The family-run company, founded in 1954, is well-known for innovative and reliable production solutions. It is managed by Wolfgang Wenzler in the third generation of the family. Since 2009, August Wenzler Maschinenbau GmbH has become part of Heller group; a decision that opened up new possibilities in the fields of sales, service and development.

We are deeply rooted in one of the most important locations for the manufacture of precision parts. Here, we grow up with metal machining. We network intensively with industry and research. And it is here that we find reliable, skilled workers and highly specialised developers.

  • 2010-2024

    Over fourteen years of highest performance in the processing of aluminum structural parts.
  • 2024

    • 70 years of mechanical engineering by August Wenzler – quality and innovation for generations!
    • Renaming of the machines VKM to WV 8000 and BCM to WH 10000
    • Innovation needs more space: we start a new chapter with our new building!
  • 2024

    • Next step towards the future – our new logo for a contemporary look
    • Development of a horizontal 5-axis machining center for aluminum die casting machining in the BIG CASTING segment (BCM / WH10000)
  • 2022

    Ready for the mobility of the future: perfect solutions also in the field of e-mobility. In-house further development of the Wenzler VPM, for example, for the production of battery trays.
  • 2020

    Expansion of the value chain to include assembly technology.
  • 2018-2019

    Development of the VPM principle for large diecast work pieces.
  • 2017

    The next generation: realization of GEN 3 version of the VKM principle
  • 2015

    Further development of the VKM principle to GEN 2 version
  • 2013/14

    Development of a thermal spray process (Cylinder Bore Coating, CBC) for coating cylinder bores in car engines ready for series production in collaboration with Heller Group
  • 2013

    Expansion of the service department by in-house solutions for robot-based automation
  • 2012

    Extension of the VKM series and installation of large plant constructions with peripheral devices under Wenzler responsibility
  • 2011

    Introduction of the new vertical chamber machining center VKM for structural elements in medium lot sizes
  • 2009

    Wenzler becomes a part of Heller group, Nuertingen, which is also a family-run enterprise. New possibilities arise from this cooperation in the fields of sales, service and development
  • 2005

    Extension of product portfolio, new Wenzler FS-ST series. New machining concept for larger work pieces up to 800 x 800 x 500 mm
  • 2004

    Wenzler enters the field of linear technology with torque motors in rotational axes
  • 2003

    Formation of Wenzler USA in Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • 2001-2002

    Introduction of Wenzler FS2 series: a machining concept and above all a new option for the efficient production of small and medium series
  • 1999

    CNC technology completely reworked, followed by integration into transfer technology based on the Siemens 840D. Optimization of the entire operating area, making handling and programming more efficient for the operator
  • 1998

    Wenzler further develops the entirely modular MTA 6 and MSC 8 B series, as well as the absolutely open CNC control and the integration of a B axis. Renowned companies in Europe, Asia and America opt for the benefits of the new Wenzler machine concept
  • 1987-1993

    Wenzler’s development and production of the first modular, CNC-driven multi-spindle pallet center MSC 8, for work pieces up to 400 x 400 x 400 mm, marks the breakthrough as a technological leader in this sector worldwide
  • 1971

    The first multiple drum machine is built according to the rotary transfer principle, and is a market success from the very start. Steady specialization in ever larger work pieces
  • 1964-1970

    Norbert Wenzler realizes the market potential of his design. Quick market success worldwide leads to the company abandoning turned part production in favor of a consistent specialization in mechanical engineering
  • 1963

    Son Norbert Wenzler, discontent with the state of lathe technology, builds his first fully-automatic special-purpose milling machine, initially for his own use only
  • 1954

    Foundation of the company by August Wenzler. Field of activity: highly-specialized turned parts