HELLER WerkTage 2017

HELLER WerkTage 2017:
„Made to work“

Visitors of the 10th HELLER WerkTage in mid-March were invited to gain insights into new developments and trends on site in Nuertingen, Germany. In general, HELLER more and more emphasizes the combination of proven concepts and innovative ideas.

The presentation of the Wenzler VKM 2-2 machining centre aroused great interest at the event. It was especially the new generation of the well-proven VKM series with its even larger large machining area and the machining possibilities for axle subframes and longitudinal members of various automotive manufacturers that stimulated curiosity and interesting conversations with the visitors.

As a partner of the event we were very pleased about the large number of participants and their keen interest in our presentation. If you have any questions on the topics of HELLER WerkTage, we will be glad to help you.

You can also find further information at www.heller.biz

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